2017 NBA Playoffs Fashion

Should athletes be held to higher dress standards?

It seems these days that style and professional sports go hand in hand. When the cameras are flashing and the spotlight is on, the entrance to the locker room suddenly becomes a runway. The NBA has exercised a dress code that has become increasingly lenient. Rarely are players televised arriving to arenas in suits and business casual attire anymore. Decreasing restrictions on personal style allows for a greater insight into who these guys are outside of the hardwood. Have things gone too far? Should athletes be held to higher dress standards? We’ll let you be the judge but for now, peep some of the dopest trends of the 2017 NBA Playoffs.

1. Marc Gasol

Marc Gasol Fashion

Although his playoff run has ended, Marc Gasol deserves an honorable mention for his rockstar-esq style. Sporting an oversized, cut off Skull Hoodie from R13, a pair of distressed/bedazzled jeans, and Filling Pieces footwear, the 7 foot center is in style. At first glance you’d think he’s gearing up for a night on Beale Street rather than a Playoff game versus the San Antonio Spurs. Be comfortable big fella!