The 3 Stages of Mall Crawlers

How does your rig relate?

You’ve heard them called many things; mall crawlers, pavement princesses and bro dozers. There’s countless silly aliases for extensively-customized, lifted show trucks. These rigs are magnets for both haters and fans as their styling and capability (or lack there of) is always held in question. Do some of these lifted rides with their stretched tires and chrome undercarriages deserve a bit of ridicule? Absolutely. The typical dig towards these rigs it that even though they’re upgraded with all the necessary equipment to hit the trails, they hardly ever do because the trucks are too expensive to get beat up off-road. But that doesn’t mean every expensive truck has to be lumped into the same category together. Below, we look into the three stages of Mall Crawling to help you determine where you truck lies on the spectrum.

Stage 1: The Suburban Special

These mall crawlers are the most common and are usually purchased previously customized by either the dealership or the former owner. The list of modifications can actually be quite lengthy and the upgrades useful, but a Stage One vehicle will never see more off-road situations than parking on the grass at the local high school football game. Key indicators of The Suburban Special is a fairly new vehicle with a modest lift, knobby tires and some sort of useless LED lighting. If it’s a Jeep and purchased at a dealership who specializes in upgrading off-road vehicles, it might have a winch, custom bumpers and hi-lift jack mounted somewhere in plain sight.