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    Photographer Spotlight : Marcus Hyde

    Marcus Hyde Kim Kardashian

    How’s is Kim Kardashian managing to drop such bomb photos day in and day out? Are her skills with the Photo Booth app legendary, or has Kanye managed to become one of world’s most iconic photographers? Before we jump to any more conclusions, neither of these theories actually align with the truth. The man responsible […]

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    The Best Rappers in the NBA

    NBA Rappers

    The NBA and Hip Hop culture have always been intertwined. Lately, there has been a new trend of NBA athletes trying to become rappers. There have always been athletes rapping for fun, but this new wave of ballers have been releasing full songs and even albums. Here is a list of the top NBA rappers […]

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    Blac Chyna’s Ferrari 488 Spider

    Blac Chyna Forgiato Ferrari

    Blac Chyna recovered nicely from all the Rob Kardashian and rapper Ferrari drama by buying herself a very nice car. She bought a Ferrari 488 Spider from Calabasas Luxury Motorcars, the same dealership the Kardashians buy their cars from.

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    Odell Beckham Jr’s New Tattoo

    Odell Beckham Jr New Tattoo

    Odell Beckham Jr.’s new tattoo is a mural of Bob Marley, Lil Wayne, and Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear off. What do you guys think of his new tattoo?

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    Taylor Hing the Chinese Kitty

    Taylor Hing

    Taylor Hing, the 22 year old from Queens is of Chinese and Guyanese descent. Here are some of Chinese Kitty’s hottest moments. Keep thirsting Instagramers!

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    Worst Beard Game

    Worst Celebrity Beards

    Don’t get caught with a struggle beard unless you’re seeking a feature on this list. Here’re some of the worst celebrity beards the internet has come across!

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    The 10 Ugliest Cars Ever Produced

    Ugliest Cars

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the word ugly is subjective. But when it comes to this list of cars, you would be hard pressed finding anybody who doesn’t think they are ugly.

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    Vince Staples – Big Fish

    Vince Staples Big Fish

    Vince finds himself on a slowly sinking sailboat in shark-infested waters. This song really slaps hard with the use of big drums, handclaps, and synths.

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    Romphim Celebrity Edition


    Rompers are now being worn by guys creating a buzz on the internet with the term Romphim. Will this trend catch fire or is our masculinity too fragile? A few celebrities have already begun setting the tone.

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    Bria Myles

    Bria Myles

    Let’s take a moment to thank the heavens above for Ms. BRIA MYLES. She happens to be one of the finest females to infiltrate my timeline and nightly dreams! The 32 year old ebony goddess models, acts, sings, and has made several appearances as a video vixen.

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    One of the travelers on his flight caught him chilling in coach and snapped it. The rest is history with one of the funniest hashtags of all time. Here is a list of our top 10.