Best Reactions to Lonzo Ball’s First Shoe

Lonzo Ball is getting some harsh tweets for his $495 sneaker

Lonzo Balls First Shoe

FOUR HUNDRED NINETY FIVE DOLLARS! This is the cost of NBA prospect, Lonzo Ball’s first signature sneaker. The outrageous antics of the Ball family, specifically their father, Lavar Ball, have managed to rattle the sneaker industry. After a humiliating response to their Billion Dollar pitch to Nike, the Ball family elected to fly solo. Big Baller Brand is proud to launch their grossly overpriced selection of apparel, including the ZO2 Prime. The concept of being an entrepreneur opposed to an endorser is honorable, but only to an extent. Here’s what the internet had to say about the latest from Big Baller Brand.

1. Basic Math

How can 3 sneakers from the NBA’s most elite players amount to less than the cost of a single pair of ZO2’s?! The absurdity of the sneaker’s retail value is only truly grasped through basic math. Each of the these 3 athletes have earned their stripes in the big league, and proven their ability at the game’s most elite level. Would you risk nearly half a stack on someone who hasn’t even been drafted yet?