The Best Snack Breaks in Professional Sports

Mid-Game Munchies

Sports are exhausting, especially at the professional level! Working at your full potential expends lots of energy and can literally drain your body. Who says athletes can’t take a quick snack break to replenish themselves? There’s nothing more comical than watching professional athletes raid fans of their mid-game munchies. Here are five of the most memorable hunger driven endeavors!

1. Get Your Popcorn Ready!

Terell Owens Popcorn Snack Break

The showmanship of Terrell Owens was completely off the charts during his stint in the NFL. During week 13 of the 2007 NFL season, T.O.’s cravings for popcorn got the best of him. After catching a 10-yard touchdown pass from Tony Romo against the Packers, the superstar receiver took popcorn from a fan and threw it in his face mask. Every time he got in the end zone, fans could guarantee a show was to follow. As he always said, “Get your popcorn ready!’