The Best Snack Breaks in Professional Sports

Mid-Game Munchies

5. IPA While You Play?

You’ve probably seen this video thousands of times. Even the press can’t seem to get enough of King James’ unlikely encounter with a courtside vendor. During game 1 Against the Toronto Raptors, James jokingly grabbed a beer before handing it back and heading towards the free throw line. In a postgame interview, LeBron stated he wasn’t much of a beer guy. He added that he may have taken a sip had it been a glass of wine. An Ohio brewing company tweeted an image of James holding the bottle, looking to benefit from this rare occasion. Considering, active NBA players are not allowed to endorse alcohol brands, LeBron’s legal team sprung into action. Making matters more strange, this is the same brand that made a beer titled “Quitness” mocking his Nike campaign and decision to flee Cleveland for Miami. Stick to sports drinks Bron Bron!