Blac Chyna’s Ferrari 488 Spider

Her Flashy Forgiato Ferrari

Blac Chyna Ferrari 488 Spider

Blac Chyna recovered nicely from all the Rob Kardashian and rapper Ferrari drama by buying herself a very nice car. She bought a Ferrari 488 Spider from Calabasas Luxury Motorcars, the same dealership the Kardashians buy their cars from. This isn’t just a stock Ferrari, it is equipped with a set of concave Forgiato wheels finished in candy red.

The Interior

Blac Chyna Ferrari 488 Spider Interior

One of the coolest things about this Ferrari is the interior is all red. The carpet, seats, dash, and even the headliner are all red.

The Wheels

Blac Chyna Ferrari 488 Forgiato Wheels

These Forgiato wheels are from their new Tecnica Series, the wheel is the Forgiato Tec 2.6.