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  • Snack Breaks Sports

    The Best Snack Breaks in Professional Sports

    There’s nothing more comical than watching professional athletes raid fans of their mid-game munchies. Here are five of the most memorable hunger driven endeavors!

  • #bowwowchallenge


    One of the travelers on his flight caught him chilling in coach and snapped it. The rest is history with one of the funniest hashtags of all time. Here is a list of our top 10.

  • Beyonce Check Memes

    The 5 Best Beyonce Check Tweets

    Could the costly menu have really pressured the Queen Bee’s seemingly infinite checking account? While we don’t know the exact details of the situation, a picture is worth a thousand words!

  • Funny Basketball Cards

    The Funniest Basketball Cards Ever Made

    If you have ever collected basketball cards, you know that there were always a few that had you scratching your head. Here is a list of the funniest, strangest, weirdest, and most awkward basketball cards we could find.

  • James Harden Memes

    7 Hilarious James Harden Memes

    Combining his great offensive skill with his non existent defense and crazy beard – you get some very funny memes spreading across the internet. Here are 7 of the best James Harden memes we could find.

  • Top 3 Comedy Podcasts Out Right Now

    Podcasts are gaining tremendous popularity recently and we thought we would share our favorite comedy podcasts out right now. These podcasts can make a 3 hour drive fly by, get you looking at life in a different perspective, as well as make you laugh your ass off.

  • awkward nba handshake

    10 Most Awkward Handshakes in Sports

    We have all been there, we have all had numerous awkward handshakes in our daily lives. But in sports, there is always a camera around to broadcast it to the entire world. Enjoy these top 10 awkward handshakes in sports.