Charsay Whatt

Oh High There Ms. Whatt!

Charsay Whatt

Charsay Whatt, has devoted herself to becoming one of the most divine beings to ever grace our timelines. The 23 year old model, stylist, and brand owner has successfully defied the odds; utilizing her short, curvy frame as an asset in today’s industry. Her chill demeanor and cloud soaring tendencies, are reflected in both her snap stories and bio.

When she’s not enjoying the recreational benefits of Mary Jane, She’s busy crafting her brand and posing for high profile photo shoots. Her eccentric look has amounted to over 86K followers on Instagram. If you haven’t peeped this young Queen, you’d better hit that follow button and discover what you’ve been missing!

Here are some of her HOTTEST pics!

1. Post Workout Selfie

young stallion

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She’s ALWAYS on point! Everything from her gorgeous shape, to her full lips, to her flowy hair screams ANGELIC. I’m sure it’s not easy maintaining that figure but all her hard work is surely paying off. Some say its a dressing room, others claim she’s in the gym. Regardless, we all wish we were there.

2. Golden Goddess

golden goddess | @bodypaintking | @mr_tyus | i'll be in DC from October 20th til the 28th.. contact me in my bio!

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The glow from her flawless skin is almost enough to pierce your eyes. Who needs clothes when there’s body paint?! Using her frame as a canvas, Char has managed to evolve into a living work of art. Finally, an exhibit worth visiting!

3. Hogwarts?

wish I could cast some spells to make my life less trash… wingardium-fillmybank-osa ??

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Idk about you, but I don’t remember anyone at Hogwarts being this FINE. I’m not normally one to advocate for witchcraft but she can cast a spell on me anyday. You’ve got to love the creativity in this shoot. Major props to the creative genius behind this photo!

4. The Picture That Shook The World

This image alone nearly doubled her popularity. With artistic language smeared all over her body, Charsay Whatt became somewhat of an icon after this shoot. Since then, there’ve been many artistic recreations and enlarged prints for sale. Chances are you’ve stumbled upon this picture before.

5. BAE Watch

peaches | shot by @elevenstudios | creative director @dlsquared

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Last, but certainly not least is the poolside pic! Boasting her inked body and voluptuous cheeks, Char absolutely broke the internet with this one. Curly shawtys really do it better!