Footwear in Films

Most Iconic Kicks on the Big Screen

As humans, we’re in some way impacted by everything that flashes before our eyes. Movies and television shape our perception of the world, largely impacting our wants and desires. Therefore, strategic product placement has become more common in nearly all forms of entertainment. You’d be lying if you aren’t able to admit that at some point in your life, the big screen hasn’t influenced a purchase or spending. In terms of kicks, there are a few films that most effectively push sneaker propaganda.

Here’s a short list of “Footwear in Films”.

1. Like Mike (2002) – Nike Blazer OG

Like Mike Sneakers

Shad Moss, or as most of us know him, “Lil Bow Wow”, was in the early stages of his career when he starred in Like Mike. For those who haven’t seen the movie, “Calvin Cambridge”, was an orphan who acquired the skills of Michael Jordan from a mysterious pair of sneakers. These vintage Nike Blazers apparently belonged to MJ during his stint at UNC. Calvin attributed his stardom to these kicks, solidifying the Nike Blazer as a key component to the film.