From Ballers to Playaz: The NBA’s Most Notorious Cheaters

Our Starting 5 of Cheaters

Professional basketball players have lots of standards to uphold. They’re required to dedicate their bodies to the game, day in and day out. In addition to physical demands, they’re expected to be model citizens for millions of onlookers worldwide. With so much money and influence, mishaps are likely to happen. Like any normal human being, they CHEAT from time to time. Frankly, the way women throw themselves at athletes, it’s no wonder these kinds of things happen. I’m not condoning these behaviors but at the end of the day people make mistakes. Check out some of the league’s biggest PLAYAZ.

1. Dwayne Wade

Dwayne Wade Cheating

Fans were literally devastated with the news of Dwyane Wade cheating on his superstar wife, Gabrielle Union, surfaced. How could somebody neglect such a gorgeous, successful, loving wife? Combine money, power, success, and groupies and you might have an answer. To make matters worse, Dwade impregnated the young mistress, forever tying himself to her. Strangely, Gabrielle Union blames herself for Dwyane Wade going astray. According to her she let her acting schedule come between her and her relationship. You know you’re a PLAYA when your wife is the one apologizing!