Jena Frumes Pink Jeep Wrangler

Pretty in Pink

Jena Frumes is a social media influencer, model and actress who has dated celebrities like Nick Cannon and Antonio Brown. She is one of the most beautiful and fit girls you can follow on Instagram. But we are here to talk strictly about her whip, a custom pink Jeep Wrangler.

Jena Frumes Pink Jeep Wrangler

It is rare to see a female driving around in a very custom ride and we love to see that. The pink wrap works on this Jeep along with the blacked out trim.

The only problem we have with this build are the hideous wheels. It is very likely that she got the wheels for free as an influencer, but she might have been better off just buying a decent set on her own.

Not only are the wheels incredibly ugly, they do not match the Jeep in the slightest way. She nailed the fitment of the tires and the size of the wheels, but she should really consider changing up the wheels as soon as possible. Machined lip with gloss black center and lime green center caps do not work here.