Lionel Messi’s House is Shaped Like a Soccer Ball

The Most Insane House of All Time

Lionel Messi Soccer House

One of the greatest soccer players of all time has one of the most luxurious houses of all time. The Argentinian superstar hired architect Luis de Garrido to design a soccer ball inspired house. The house is located just outside of Barcelona in the Castelldefels area.

Garrido said in an interview, “Messi’s house is closely related to him, his idiosyncrasies, his personality and even his own torments. I would say the most important personality of Messi is duality, determination and self-belief.” The amount of detail and thought put into this design is incredible. Here are some of the coolest things about the house.

1. Soccer Ball Design

Messi Soccer House

The actual house in the middle of the field is shaped like a soccer ball and the white bricks around the house resemble the layers of the football.

2. Two Halves

Lionel Messi House Number 10

The lot of the house is divided into 2 halves exactly like a football field. One-half contains a giant swimming pool while the other half contains a giant lawn. It is thought to be a physical representation of the saying about football being a game of two halves.

3. Jersey Number

Lionel Messi House Number 10

When you look at the house from an aerial view, the architect incorporated his number “10” jersey number into the design. We have highlighted it in pink in this picture because it was done in a very subtle manner.