Odell Beckham Jr Rolls Royce Wraith

Mad Flavor On and Off the Field

Odell Beckham Rolls Royce

Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most exciting players in the NFL and also one of the most dynamic personalities to come into the league in years. He is a trendsetter off the field in the fashion world, never afraid to take chances with his style. We are glad to see that his great taste in fashion has translated into his cars. This is Odell Beckham Jr’s Rolls Royce Wraith that has been very tastefully customized by Dreamworks Motorsports.

The Aggressive Stance

Odell Beckham Jr Rolls Royce

ODB’s Rolls Royce has the perfect stance, lowered enough so the big wheels don’t create too much of a gap in the fenders. It also looks like the stance is squatted just a bit in the rear.

Custom Audio

ODB Rolls Royce

Love that ODB has the guts to put in an audio system into the Rolls Royce, most people would be too scared to touch it and stick to the stock audio.

Rose Gold Wheels

ODB Wraith

The wheels are my favorite part. They are custom built forged wheels with the OEM Rolls Royce floating caps installed. The wheels are finished in rose gold which is the hottest finish out right now.

Blacked Out Tail Lights?

Odell Beckhams' Car

The only part I don’t love on this car is the blacked out tail lights, makes it look a little cheap.

Matching Trim

Odell Beckham Rolls Royce

Also love how the emblems and door handles are all painted rose gold to match the rose gold wheels.