Photographer Spotlight : Marcus Hyde

The man responsible for Kim K’s recent groundbreaking, internet shaking photos.

How’s is Kim Kardashian managing to drop such bomb photos day in and day out? Are her skills with the Photo Booth app legendary, or has Kanye managed to become one of world’s most iconic photographers? Before we jump to any more conclusions, neither of these theories actually align with the truth. The man responsible for these groundbreaking, internet shaking photos is Los Angeles-based photographer, Marcus Hyde.

Hyde’s passion for photography led him to Florida’s Full Sail University, where he’d further develop his skills and learn to perfect his craft. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, he’d only been in Los Angeles for 5 years when he received a call from Kim’s team regarding a potential photoshoot. Since his arrival, he’s had the opportunity to work with artists such as Jhene Aiko, Chance the Rapper, and Childish Gambino! He’s developed an impressive resume’ but claims that this most recent shoot was a career defining moment.

He recalls being hesitant to respond to Kim’s staff’s voicemail, for fear that it was a prank. After confirming legitimacy with a mutual friend of Kanye’s, Hyde rushed to return the call. Within minutes he was on the phone with Kim, casually discussing the shoot. According to Hyde, Kim was literally “the coolest person to work with”, because she trusted his vision. Uh yea, we’re sure that’s not the only reason you enjoyed shooting one of the sexiest models alive, Marcus.

The original inspiration was Bo Derek’s famous photo on the beach. The braids are supposedly identical to the beads in the Bo Derek shoot. They chose a scenic beach to shoot Kim’s sandy buns and would finish with a grungy motel for the true, “money shots”. After avoiding paparazzi for an extended period of time, Hyde and the crew settled on the perfect location. Kim personally liked the Polaroids best so they went with them. Infact, she liked his work so much, she posted the photos to her personal IG account the same day! The result is a barrage of backlash which ultimately caused the internet to, “BREAK”.

Let’s break the internet @kimkardashian 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Kim wasn’t the only fan Marcus Hyde would gain from this edgy photoshoot. According to a recent interview, Kanye called Hyde, inquiring about potential work in the near future. Since then his DM’s have been BOOMING. It’s safe to say that Marcus Hyde is officially PLUGGED. Be on the lookout for his first photography book!