You Should Get a Racing License before Buying a SRT Demon

Technically, It’s REQUIRED!

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has officially made its debut and subsequently set the internet on fire with even more fanfare than the Hellcat once received. Astonishing numbers and lofty titles are being tossed around and it seems Dodge has a world-beater on their hands. But with all the performance they packed into the new Demon, Dodge may have leapfrogged the street car market straight into full-on race spec. The only stipulation is you just may need a legitimate racing license to take this SRT to the limits – and that may be a good thing.

It’s Required by Law, Kinda

Racing License SRT Demon

If you’re skilled enough to push the SRT Demon to its full potential, you’ll actually need an official NHRA racing license to race the Demon on a legit track. As of 2012, NHRA rules state that the cut-off point for a factory vehicle is a 9.99-second ¼-mile pass or a 135-mile-per-hour trap speed.

On paper, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon eclipses both numbers with 840 horsepower and a 9.65-second 1/4-mile time, respectively. With those kind of numbers, not only would you need a legit license to participate in track days, your car would also have to be equipped with a full roll cage among other additional safety items.

Thankfully, without full race slicks and some serious track time, most novice racers won’t get near the 9-second mark no matter how fast the Demon may be. If anything, they’ll do a quarter mile long burnout.

A Novice is Destined to Total The SRT Demon

Wrecked SRT Demon

Remember when the Dodge Vipers first came out? They were infamously known as the car that would barely make it a mile from the dealership before some amateur wrapped it around a telephone pole. And those cars didn’t have near the instant horsepower the 2018 SRT Demon possesses under the hood.

Without some serious seat time under managed conditions, the SRT Demon will be the next Viper – or worse. On top of the potential insane quarter-mile times, the 0-60 time is what’s even more frightening. Dodge claims the Demon can reach 60 MPH in 2.3 seconds! That would make it the fastest production car on the PLANET and quite difficult to tame with a novice behind the wheel.


The SRT Demon Will Actually Make You a Better Racer – Embrace It!

Racing License Challenger Demon

Unlike the guys on Street Outlaws that spend their lifetimes building and tuning vehicles to achieve similar performance numbers, all the headache may not be necessary anymore. Not to mention, most race cars end up having hundreds of thousands – if not millions –a invested into them. Instead, why not let Dodge spend the millions on R&D and use the opportunity to officially get into racing?

Even though Dodge has yet to publish a price for the Demon, the rumor is that it will be just shy of $100,000 – which is a steal considering all you get for your money. Add a roll cage, slap on a real set of drag slicks and a few other mods and you could be a legit racer in no time.