Rolls Royce Ghost vs Dawn vs Wraith

What’s the difference?

Since 2003, the Rolls Royce Phantom has set the bar for ultra-luxurious sedans. With its staggering stature that is equal parts impressive and intimidating, the Phantom is impossible to overlook. However, the Phantom has always been known as a car to be driven in as opposed to actually driving. Unless your goal is to appear as foolish as Donald Trump, driving around what looks to be a limo / tank hybrid can look quite ridiculous. Thankfully, Rolls Royce offers other, sportier models that ballers across the globe can feel comfortable piloting.

1. The Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost on ADV1 Wheels
Rolls Royce Ghost on ADV1 Wheels

The release of the “baby Phantom” back in 2010 received mixed reviews. Some saw the car as a welcomed addition to the lineup while others viewed it as a bastardized, shrunken version of the Rolls flagship. However, one step inside and it was painfully obvious that the Ghost was far more advanced and updated than its aging older brother. The Ghost performed better, incorporated advanced technology and was a true driver’s car. Today, the proof has been in the numbers as the Ghost is now the brand’s best-selling nameplate – by far. Pricing for the Ghost begins at right under $300,000.