Romphim Celebrity Edition

Will this trend catch fire?

If you’ve been on social media lately, there’s a large chance you’re timeline has been filled with chatter concerning Russia and ROMPERS. As the Summer approaches, warm weather fashion trends are unveiled, giving insight to next season’s style. Fellas, you should be happy to know that ROMPERS will be returning to the social scene in just a few short weeks. Here’s the catch, it’s OUR turn to rock these one piece garments! My oh my how the tables have turned! Will this Romphim trend catch fire or is our masculinity too fragile? A few celebrities have already begun setting the tone. Here’s how they’re intended to be worn.

1. Cam Newton’s Romphim

Cam Newton Romphim

During his brief sighting at Coachella, Cam Newton was one of the first male celebs to pull off the romphim look! This vibrant, floral print pattern paired well with his custom hat and accessories. Odell Beckham Jr. is guaranteed to have a follow up to Newton’s trend setting photo opp, so stay tuned.