Taylor Hing the Chinese Kitty

Isn’t it time you added a little Asian persuasion to your timeline?

Taylor Hing is one of the hottest IG models of the decade. Her social media handle _@chinesekitty, is not just sexy but extremely fitting! The 22 year old from Queens is of Chinese and Guyanese descent. With 1.3 million followers, Taylor commands the attention of prominent celebrities and high profile onlookers. You may recognize her from Young Dolph’s, “Forever” video which was shot back in 2016. As for her current whereabouts, she can be found anywhere where she can flex her gorgeous frame in a bikini or miniskirt. Here are some of Chinese Kitty’s hottest moments. Keep thirsting Instagramers!

1. Devil in a Red Dress

Being a weirdo as usual ❤️

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Could it be the tight, form fitting dress or the seductive black pumps?! There’s a reason this clip has been looped nearly 300,000 times. Maybe she was on her way to dinner. Maybe she was doing some shopping. Either way she was looking good enough to eat. Keep slaying baby girl.