The Most GQ QB in the League

Cam Newton will always do things “His Way”

Cam Newton has electrified the sports world since his days as an Auburn Tiger. Adding a new dimension to the game of football has elevated him to superstar status. During the 2015 NFL season Cam’s remarkable feats solidified his title as the league’s MVP, propelling him into the spotlight. It was at this moment that Mr. Superman decided it was time to unleash his unconventional sense of style. His clothing choices warrant an unprecedented amount of criticism but that doesn’t seem to bother him. He’ll always do things “His Way”.

1. Coachella CAM

It’s not that we didn’t expect Cam to attend Coachella. It’s just unusual to see a 6-foot-5  245 pound NFL player in an floral print bodysuit. If i’m not mistaken that’s basically a romper! Recovering from a recent shoulder surgery, Newton choose to spend some time California. “WHY ISN’T HE AT PRACTICE? WHY ISN’T HE PREPARING FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON?” I think it’s best critics let that man breathe during the offseason. Come September, he’d better ditch the romper for some shoulder pads though!