Top 10 Cars on Rose Gold Wheels

Yellow Gold is OLD!

Sexier than bland white gold and easier on the eyes than warm yellow gold, rose gold is the modern choice when opting to coat your wheels in something extraordinary. Even though we’ve seen rose gold’s popularity spike in the last few years from the automotive world to jewelry, the color has been around for decades. Originally called “Russian gold,” the luminous shade was created by blending yellow gold and copper. As for its surging popularity in the car realm, one can only assume that yellow gold was a bit harsh for most vehicles. On the contrary, the softer hue of rose gold wheels are a perfect complement to most exotic and unique vehicles.

1. Nissan GTR on Rose Gold Savini Wheels

Rose Gold Wheels Nissan GTR

This extreme Nissan GT-R features a Prior-Design widebody kit and sits on a set of matte rose gold Savini Forged wheels.