Vantablack is the Darkest Material You Can Put on a Car

Yes, it’s darker than black!

In the automotive community’s ever-evolving quest to enhance their vehicles, the newest upgrade may just be the ability to transform your vehicle from flashy to downright indistinguishable.

Whereas matte black wraps and paint jobs on high-end vehicles were viewed as daring and revolutionary a decade ago, today the next trend will be giving your vehicle the stealthiest appearance possible via the darkest substance on earth.

What is Vantablack?


Vantablack is a coating made up of a “forest” of microscopic, light-absorbing carbon nanotubes that trap virtually 100% of all light. When a light source hits Vantablack, instead of reflecting, the light becomes trapped and deflected among the tiny tubes eventually being consumed into the abyss. When this material is applied to a multi-dimensional surface, the result is an eerie, 2D void. No matter how jagged or wrinkled the surface may be, after applying Vantablack the object will ultimately look like a passageway into another dimension. Star Trek shit.

How would it look on a Car?

Vantablack Rolls Royce

So does Vantablack have a legitimate place in the world of custom automobiles? Some may argue that the entire point of having an attractive vehicle is to show off its sharp lines and sexy curves and Vantablack would clearly do the opposite. Applying Vantablack would effectively transform a vehicle into a shadow which coupled with creative usage of other materials and paints could create aesthetics we’ve never experienced before on an automobile. Imagine the possibilities of having a completely indistinguishable car! The Best Use? Getaway vehicle.