Worst Beard Game

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Since the beginning of time, beards have been a universal symbol for masculinity. Ladies adore them, dudes who can’t grow one scorn them! Let it be known that not all beards are created equal. You can be one of the most influential celebrities in the world, but if your genetic makeup isn’t precise, the bearded life may not be for you. Science has contributed several new ways to stimulate beard growth and frankly they’re worth a try. Don’t get caught with a struggle beard unless you’re seeking a feature on this list. Here’re some of the worst celebrity beards the internet has come across!

1. James Franco

James Franco Beard
What an entire mess! A natural looking beard is appreciated, but at some point order should be restored. If you’re going to spend time curating a hair style, why would you neglect your facial hair? You can only image what the sides of his face are looking like, judging from this straight on. Get it together for Hollywood’s sake!